I want to continue my college education online for the sake of convenience…?

By | August 13, 2015

and my job, but will my employer take them seriously, or is he more likely to laugh them off?

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2 thoughts on “I want to continue my college education online for the sake of convenience…?

  1. Chris

    From personal experience anyone who has an online degree, their resume gets thrown in the garbage.

    Nothing you do online will translate into a real world approach to education. College doesnt just prepare you to memorize stupid junk and know stuff. It teaches discipline, responsibility, and other qualities.

    Just, like, Real, Life. You rarely EVER work in teams or work on projects at an actualy job through just internet and emails, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage to practive neccessary skills in the workforce.

    It forges you with the ability to wake up on time, make it to class and keep your schedule all day every day, you have to work in teams and teaches you to make contacts with your peers network, work on projects, problem solve, etc etc.

    Alot of that can be attained online, but its diluted to a point where you miss the point of actually learning those skills…IF you do decide to do online skool, make sure its accredited or recognized, most arent…

  2. Stone

    Yes, employers do prefer online degree holders if the degree obtained is from a recognized accredited college or university. You can start your online study and enroll in an accredited college. Here is a list with fully accredited online colleges/universities http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/online-degree.aspx via which you can enroll in one of the courses that suits you.

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