I want to build and repair computers for a career?

By | December 13, 2015

, what should i be looking to get into? what should i take? i want to take classes online and get a bachelors degree but there are so many choices im not sure what to do next.

Thank you everyone for your time
would Information Technology Support be a good thing to study?

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5 thoughts on “I want to build and repair computers for a career?

  1. Justin F

    Computer science or possibly even Information Technology.

  2. sinbow33702

    Obviously you can get a degree in Computer engineering but just to simply build computers eventually you will need to get your A+ Certification.

  3. ITMAN

    I recommend getting a degree in Computer Science, so that you have a basic understanding of everything related in computers, from networking – repair work. To narrow the scope, i would recommend that you study for the A+ certification. Its teaches you both the basic software and hardware of a computer and says you know what you are talking about when it comes to Computer repair.

  4. 2008

    If you already have skills in Building and Repair, then you simply need to pass A+ Certification exam. But, if you want something else, probably consider to take courses in Computer Science or Engineering. According to Labor Department, computer Engineering is more challenge career than science in nowadays.

  5. rambow70

    i do to but whats a+ do i need to get a+ on a test or is that what its called?

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