I need information on Online Degrees! Please.

By | August 23, 2015

I am really interested in finding a legitimate online school, but I believe I do not know the law can be seen in schools. Any person who remains in any field I know that some schools you can check? I would like to stay away from any school away? In some schools, the network have any suggestions? What is your experience? Please help! Thank you very much!

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5 thoughts on “I need information on Online Degrees! Please.

  1. RoaringMice

    One of the basic criteria that helps you tell if any school is legit is if it’s regionally accredited. If it’s regionally accredited, rather than nationally accredited or something else, it’s a genuine university. And if a school is regionally accredited, they tell you so. It should be right there on their website.

    In terms of online degrees, you’ll do best re: employment and quality if you stick to online degrees that are given by reputable, brick and mortar universities. So rather than going to any school that tends to come up if you Google search “online degrees”, instead look into the online degrees offered by such reputable “offline” universities such as: Penn State, UMass Amherst, U Maryland, U Florida, Northeastern, Boston University, U Nebraska, SUNY (State University of New York), Carnegie Mellon, Iowa State U, Worcester Polytechnic, and many others. In fact, your home state’s public colleges might offer online degrees, so check their website. If they do, they may charge you the lower in-state tuition, which could save you some money.

  2. Tysen W

    Its pretty hard to get your degree while only taking classes online. Many schools offer distance learning classes, but still require you to complete a portion of your credits on their campus.

    Good luck

  3. johnnyfundae

    You should definitely make sure that any you are looking at is accredited regionally. Also I would recommend looking into a good number of schools to find the best school for you – based on scheduling, tuition requirements, reputation and comfort. Just as you wouldn’t choose a school at any level for you to attend without checking out several options you shoudl do the same thing online. I ran a search for regionally accredited online colleges and this site seems to have good information and a number of schools for you to check out.

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