i love dancing and want to teach but…?

By | November 2, 2015

I’ve danced all my life and now I feel I can actually transfer my joy of motion to others so I really want to teach little girls to dance in my mom’s recreational center but she told me I can’t teach without a Teaching Degree or something like that…

the thing is, I’m about to go into my senior year, therefore, I haven’t graduated


I was sudgested an online course to get the degree but Idk if it’s possible being an undergraduate…

I wouldn’t be teaching pro’s nor big girls…
It wouldn’t be a dance degree online it would be a TEACHING degree, I’m kind of confused though

is it the same?? help!!
and the thing is – I was told I can’t teach at my mom’s center without THAT certificate, diploma, or whatever!!

heelp :(

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3 thoughts on “i love dancing and want to teach but…?

  1. Jez .

    online course to get dance degree? really??? That makes no sense.
    Well, you can teach, nobody is going to prevent you from being a dance teahcer. But you must advise students that you didn’t graduated. People usually don’t really care about that anyway as long as it’s not expensive. Also, you probably know, you can not set your prices as high as if you had your degree. And yeah, it’s little girls after all, you are not training proffesional dancers.

    Good Luck!
    Teaching is very fun!

    I thought you were talking about the dancing.
    Why don’t you ask your mom? and since it’s your mom’s center, can’t she hire you while you are studying?
    I don’t know what you mean by undergraduate tho. Online courses and normal classes are the same thing except that they you do it at home if you do it online and you have a lot of stuff to read. you get the same degree. no difference. I’m pretty sure. My mother is studing that way because she can’t go full time to school because of her work and I haven’t heard from her that it was ‘undergraduate’. It’s just that it may take more time since you are not doing it fulltime. Hope that helped.

  2. LALA

    Find another studio and apply there.
    There are many student-teachers I know :)
    That can be temporary until you get your diploma and you can teach at your mom’s center. &&
    Maybe you will even be able to teach at more than one studio!
    Sounds awesome to me :) Good luck

  3. Aisak

    You may need a degree in something like A&P (anatomy and physiology) or a movement or exercise based field. It will probably have to do with insurance since you have to know about not overexerting the children and maybe some health related info to do anything dealing with an exercise program.
    I am confused though. Perhaps you should go to the person in charge or that gave the information about additional education and get clarification. It would be best to be sure exactly what is needed.
    However my friend from high school got a job as a dance teacher and never had any real training except what we learned at the school of performing arts. We did not get any accredited diplomas though. He also choreographed for the New Jersey Nets without anything needed except some talent. The teaching stuff is more about being in the center as opposed to having private lessons and also dealing with children.

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