I just found out I’m pregnant and the father is my friend with benefits guy. READ MORE!!!?

By | December 8, 2015

Well, he has been ignoring me after the last time we were together (when I conceived) because he met a girl, whom i found out about because the girl works with my roommate. I sent him a text last night that said, “we need to talk, it’s very important!” He has not responded. So now what?! If this helps to know his step brother is a good friend of mine. Should I get him involved? The thing that scares me the most is the fact my unborn child’s father never wants kids. I’ve known him since I was 16 and I’m 21, I’ve seen him interact with kids and well….he doesn’t. I am going to have this child, I only have a yr left with my bachelors degree in health information management and my classes are online, but he is the father. I want my child to have a father!!! And I’m going to need help financially, in reality most people can’t afford a child.

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6 thoughts on “I just found out I’m pregnant and the father is my friend with benefits guy. READ MORE!!!?

  1. SgtShamy

    if you can’t afford a child then dont have one.
    you dont know if he will stay with you, so you must be sure you can support this baby 100% on your own!

  2. Kat6181

    Ok, tell him, if you cant get a hold of him then tell his brother. Apply for medicaid, which is free healthcare for you while pregnant, you can also try food stamps and wic. Remember if he isnt involved they will file a claim for child support. Good luck!!

  3. Vanessa

    just call him… if you have to talk to his brother to get ahold of him, do it.
    your right about most people cant really afford a child but that shouldn’t keep you from having one,
    if he doesn’t wanna help take him to court and get him on child support, and get medicaid.
    and stay in school, its not hard, my aunt graduated with a bachlors in class with a baby

  4. Katie

    first off, it is all going to be alright.
    Second, here is what you need to say to your friend: “look this is what happened, and you can deny it and live with that guilt, or get ready to become a father. But here is the fact this is your baby”

    you also need to remind him that a child needs… well is better off with a father.
    good luck

  5. becca

    Try getting in touch with him over the next few days (or weeks) and go to his house or his job if you have to – he needs to know.
    Leave him a voice mail that says “I’m pregnant and it’s yours” if you have to.
    If he still won’t get back to you then involve his step brother, but try not to until it’s necessary.
    If he has found this girl then that is probably why he’s avoiding you – he doesn’t want to continue the friends with benefits relationship, and he might think that is why you are calling so much.
    You can still go after him for child support weather he wants to be involved or not – you and your baby have that right.
    If he doesn’t want to be involved then that’s all the better for you and the baby anyways. Do you really want the father of your child involved when he doesn’t want to be? What kind of father would that be?
    If you find someone that is willing to play the “father” role, then great – but it doesn’t HAVE to be the biological father.
    I understand the desire you have for the father to be present, and I do hope that it all works out, but just remember that if it doesn’t work like you are planning then that means something better is coming.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy!

    Also, my daughter isn’t biologically my husbnad’s and we never think differently of that.
    I made a mistake and cheated on my fiance and gor pregnant from it. We worked it all out and got married anyways and he has been in her life since before she was born.
    At first, I was confused and thought “I don’t want someone who isn’t the father to raise this baby”, but after realizing the truth – the “father” would have been not a very good one, and I don’t love him – I was able to make a proper decision.
    I love my husband and my daughter and we don’t plan on telling her that he isn’t her “father” because he is! He is on the birth certificate and he is the only father she has ever known.
    I’m telling you this because I know how difficult and emotional it can be when you are in this situation.
    If you really don’t want to spend at least the next 18 years with this guy, then maybe he isn’t the one who needs to be the “father” of this baby.

    And I agree with some of these answers – apply for medicaid, food stams and WIC – go to your department of public safety, or health and human services or whatever it is called in your state and apply. This will help you with pregnancy and delivery expenses and food. And definately go after him for child support weather he wants to be involved in the baby’s life or not.

  6. Me

    He shouldn’t be forced to support you or the child that he never wanted. It’s bullshit that a guy has no say in this matter. We all have sex. Birth control can fail. No bs that if he didn’t want children he shouldn’t have had sex.

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