I have several computer certifications….?

By | December 9, 2015

…I am looking at getting an online degree in Information Systems. Good Choice?
Are online degrees worthless. Where can I look and what certifications are most valuable? Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “I have several computer certifications….?

  1. xbar

    I’m a senior at Utica College participating in their online program pursuing a degree in Cybersecurity with emphasis in Computer Forensics. I will be graduating in Dec and it has been very challenging, but yet very rewarding. There are some definite advantages taking classes online like being able to participate in class at your convenience. Being married with a daughter, working full time and taking 6-7 credits each semester, you need to be able to manage your time properly. Regarding what certificates you need, it all depends on your specialty and what you want to pursue. There are so many for example, the basics are CompTIA A+, network and security. If you want to get into security then CISSP has a big demand, you have ethical hacking CEH or computer forensics CCFE. The main thing to remember is and my best advice for you, a lot of the security jobs especially if you want to work for the gov;’t or military require some type of security clearance. You will want to evaluate your past and if you have any past problems with the law, taken any drugs in the last 10 years, or have bad credit (bk), you can pretty much forget getting any type of security clearance or job with the gov’t. Believe me, I found out after the fact. Good luck.

  2. tophel

    I’ve spoken to many people who claim a degree in general is worthless in the IT field. The certifications are what really matter. But I’ve also heard from others that a degree is essential for promotions, whereas the certification is only useful for getting you hired in the first place.

    In either case, an online degree in the IT field is probably worth just as much as a traditional degree. Distance learning is becoming more and more prevalent, and having one actually attests to the cutting-edge nature of your choices. The downside is that they usually take a lot longer to complete than a traditional degree program.

    I would suggest looking at The University of Phoenix because they have one of the best established distance learning programs available. But if there’s a local college in your area that offers a distance learning degree combined with traditional classroom instruction, something like that might very well be beneficial to you.

    But to sum up, online degrees are not worthless. Just make sure the school you choose is accredited. And I would generally encourage you to pursue a degree if you don’t have one. It shows that you’re committed to your career and it will help you in the long run.

    Good luck!!

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