I don’t have a credit card… can’t apply online but need money to suppurt my education. What should I do?

By | December 13, 2015

My part-time work is not enough compensation. . . I think I need an online job may not apply to ‘I do not need credit cards, because no one is his family. . . How should I do? I am only 18yrs old to reduce your family’s financial burden. . .

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5 thoughts on “I don’t have a credit card… can’t apply online but need money to suppurt my education. What should I do?

  1. Thin Kaboudit

    There are no “on-line” jobs that actually make money! Think about it, have you EVER heard of a real job that you cannot get without giving your “employer” your credit card number? Of course not. It’s a scam.

    If you need money for education, you can get a student loan at very low interest. Google “student loan” + the country or state you live in.

  2. jlentz0530

    I would not get an online job that requires you to give them a credit card number. Apply for student loans at fafsa.gov. You will eventually have to repay them, but it will lessen your burden for now until you finish school. Who knows maybe they will even give you a grant.

  3. moonsister_98

    A credit card by far is NOT your best choice. Someone has to pay the bills and a credit card alone is a financial burden.
    What school do you want to go to, apply for financial assistance at that school. It is much easier than you think.

  4. starlight_chic06

    Instead of trying an online job, which can be scams anyways, try other options first. I understand the need to lessen your family’s burdens, I’m still working my way through college. :-)

    Start with the scholarship sites, or check with your school to see if they have any available that you qualify for. Online make sure you check out sites like fastweb.com or scholarshipexperts.com. There are TONS of sites out there, and often there are some scholarships on one site that aren’t on the others, so try out all of them. Apply for as many as you can qualify for.

    In addition, make sure to fill out your FAFSA form. You have to fill it out each time to guarantee you apply for Federal Aid. Depending on your and your family’s income and situation, you might qualify for Grants or special aids, that are free to you.

    If all else fails, you can look into taking out a loan. As an undergraduate, you can only ask for so much in the form of a subsidized Stafford loan. This is directly from the gov’t, and “subsidized” means that the gov’t pays the interest on that part of the loan. If you need more, you can take out more in the form of an “unsubsidized” loan. This means that the gov’t doesn’t pay the interest on the loan, and if you don’t pay as you go, the interest is added to the loan itself. Be careful though. Once you graduate, or you’re out of school for a semester, your loan comes due. You can defer if you go back to school, but otherwise, it’s payup time, and you can’t write student loans from the gov’t off for anything!

    You could also check out your local banks and see what types of solutions they offer. Some offer loans for parents who need the additional help at super low interest rates.

    Either way, before you resort to an online (scam) job, check out your other alternatives. Best of luck and I hope this helps!!

  5. Rini

    There are few ways out for earning extra cash and not necessary to have credit card. I suggest that you get some odd job like babysitting, cleaning people houses…etc.


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