I am looking for an online Associates degree in nursing.?

By | November 3, 2015

I am an Army wife and want to get into a nursing career. Is there a GOOD on line program for an associates degree in nursing?

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3 thoughts on “I am looking for an online Associates degree in nursing.?

  1. Jill

    There are no good 100% online programs. There are a handful that are offered by for-profit schools or schools that aren’t very reputable, and some states have licensing restrictions because you attended a school that doesn’t require sitting class time or doing on-site clinicals.

    You might be able to take a portion of your courses online, but definitely not all, and you will definitely have clinical rotations required in hospitals, which are much harder to arrange with these 100% online programs (which are usually not based in your home state).

  2. Alex93

    Check more info here: http://educationguide2009.blogspot.com/ (get the guide and look arround for more information, it is a list with all the universities and online degrees you could find *very very* usefull. Also the guide mentions which universities are accredited and which not…)

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