How well is Duke University’s physics program known?

By | December 11, 2015

I am considering MIT, Harvard, and Duke (among some other more “safety” schools). I know how well their premed and math programs are, but how is physics? Is it worth submitting to the binding ED deadline? I plan to major in premed with an emphasis in physics and mathematics, and hopefully one day make it to Harvard’s joint MD-PhD program. I have the statistics to likely get in ED, but I’m a little more doubtful about RD and these other schools.
Hmm, I have the SATs to get in. Unfortunately I can only focus on eastern seaboard schools, so that rules out U of Chicago and the great CA schools. Ok, so Duke isn’t great for physics? Should I still go for the binding ED at Duke? or should I take my chances with the brutal RD chances of Harvard, MIT, etc.?

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One thought on “How well is Duke University’s physics program known?

  1. Jase

    MIT would be the best school for that (assuming you can get in). For physics and math there is no way that Duke is better than MIT, Harvard, Stanford, CALTECH, Princeton, Cornell, Yale, or University of Chicago etc.

    For MIT, you need at least a 2200 SAT – with preferably a 750-800 math score. I would also recommend getting 700+ scores on the SAT II science exams.

    You should know that USA Today and World Report ranks Stanford and CALTECH above Harvard for physics – with MIT clocking in as number one (this is also for masters and PhD programs).

    Duke is only ranked in 29th place.

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