How to get work in editing in NYC?

By | August 29, 2015

I am living in NYC, and currently working on a second degree in English Literature at City College, headed towards an M.A. I am also minoring in Computer Programming to boost my online possibilities. I have a B.A. in Liberal Arts, but have had (predictably) little to no luck finding a job or internship with it. Luckily, state schools are very affordable, and I have had a second chance through them.

I am very intelligent, and have exceptional talents in writing and editing. Unfortunately, I spent most of my life in Florida, and was always a big fish in a small pond.

I need to start boosting my hands-on experience (and soon) to get internships. From what I’ve gathered, however, a pending B.A. in English Literature is not substantial enough to do so in NYC.

So, I need advice. Badly. What skills do employers look for in candidates for an editorial internship? What do they look for in candidates for entry-level editing jobs (both for journalism and publishing)? Does my resume even have a chance against the resumes submitted by students at NYU and Columbia?

I moved here recently, and have no contacts in any field to start with. Any advice would be very much appreciated.

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One thought on “How to get work in editing in NYC?

  1. liss

    y’know…I’m seeing a lot of the same answers dealing with the jobsearch and my career thing. I think it’s a spambot.

    (uhm, I think the internships are “placed” by those schools, sorry)

    but you can simply go in and ask their HR department how to apply and what they’re looking for. It doesn’t hurt.

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