how to become rich?? not online business?

By | October 29, 2015

well not online business

i am in a flight school now hoping to become an airline pilot
its my dream since childhood not because of the salary
but just in case something happens and i can’t be a pilot

is there another way to become rich / established
I have no degree, so i need one that is more for entreprenuers

i can be very patient and hardworking, so what do you recommend

my definition of rich = have my own house (standard house not mansion)
have my own car (standard good looking car not luxury sports car
and atleast $200,000 in my bank account reserve for emergencies etc.

and regular income of atleast $2,500 a month

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4 thoughts on “how to become rich?? not online business?

  1. Yoho

    Yes after 20 years with about any normal job and saving around 100 week.

    If you wan to do it faster get a degree.

  2. Annie M

    A regular income of $2500/month is not going to get you $200,000 in the bank. Many entreprenuers fail. If there was a sure-fire way to get rich without a degree, then everyone would be doing it and everyone would know about it.

  3. messystudent

    $30,000 per annum is not rich, thats probably middle class for a 30 year old

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