How to become a video game developer?

By | August 27, 2015

As someone with no formal college education, what majors/classes would i have to take to become a video game developer? I dont have access to good big schools, I’ve grown up with video games all my life and I really want to make my own. Any tips would be great.

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  1. Abraham

    C++ is a must.
    Java will be nearly useless for a professional game programmer for a company that produces console games.

    Java is only useful if you do some website games.

    Software engineering isn’t needed, but it does encompass lots of the theories of game programming.

    AI is important, as well as GPU programming (graphics programming).

    Physics and Math are extremely important. Study as much as you can and understand it, don’t just “get the grade”, understand. Vector calculus is just the beginning my friend, you’ll be needing to take probably 5 different types of calculus.

    Most of the time a computer sciences or computer engineering 4 year degree will cover all you need to know.

    2. A decent programmer starts out at about 50k/year. An expert is around 90k/year. Lead programmers earn usually 100k/year salaries, ones in big companies.
    The poor quality ones are usually left at grunt level work at entry level salaries

    3. It is a growing demand, with growing competition. If you are good, you will get the job. That’s all I have to say.

    4. Yes, you need to learn C++. Game programming REQUIRES C++, you wouldn’t be able to even think about taking such a class without C++ knowledge.

    Take a 4 year college degree in either Computer Sciences or Computer Engineering. You’ll learn all you need to learn about programming from there, and you’ll be better exposed to game elements if the school has a game design club.

    list of great colleges

    The Art Institute Online: The Art Institute Online courses have been designed with extensive input from game-industry professionals and focus on the artistic side of games – not on computer programming. You will concentrate on the specifics needed as a professional game artist: Scene and set design, Motion capture, Character development, Visual storytelling, Game design strategies, 3D animation, Low-polygon modeling, Game level design, Texture mapping… In other words, a lot of the fun stuff.

    Full Sail University: You know good video game graphics when you see them, and if you’re interested in a career creating the content you see up on screen, Full Sail’s Game Art Bachelor’s Degree Program can help you learn the same production methods used to create 3D art in the professional gaming industry. This degree program focuses on the fundamentals of interactive graphics development – including character creation, scene design, asset production, in-game effects, and the physics of motion.

    DeVry University: Offers something more towards the programming end of things with their hot Game and Simulation Programming program. This should really get your feet nice and wet. Take it Online, or check out the various campus locations.

    ITT Technical Institute: The ITT Technical Institutes offer a bachelor degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design. Courses in this program offer a strong foundation in digital game design through the study of subjects such as gaming technology, game design process, animation, level design, and general education coursework. In addition, with over 85 locations nation-wide, there is a good chance that you can find a school near you.

    Westwood College of Technology-Online: Strong creativity, design, computer, and problem solving skills are the keys for success in this exciting and growing field. With these specialized skills in mind, Westwood College has designed a Bachelor degree program in Game Art and Design.

    Digital Media Arts College: Learn from industry experts from leading companies such as SEGA, ImageWorks, Disney, and more. They are one of the United States’ most technologically equipped digital artist colleges. They have the tools and techniques to empower your creative career.

  2. tommy r

    This will introduce you to all elements of game design. Free version is almost the same as retail except you can’t publish a game. Go to downloads and get:
    Gamestudio / A8 (free version / trial version – V 8.20 – ~100 MB – May 2011)

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