How to become a landman?

By | September 17, 2015

I recently posted a question, and didn’t explain my situation further. I have done an online academy as well as made a resume, cover letter, and have done a lot of research. I have been trying for almost a year with no success, although in my area, the oil field is booming still. I know a few people who are landmen, all whom have no schooling or degree, and just have no time to teach me or anything. What are my other options? I am desperately wanting this job. Any advice would be appreciated!!

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2 thoughts on “How to become a landman?

  1. Evidence-based Reality

    If that’s your actual name, you’d have to get an “operation” before becoming a land-MAN.

    Seriously though, I’m not sure why this is being asked in the Environment forum, if you’re referring to people who broker deals to exploit oil, gas, etc.

  2. Jim Kugler

    Resumes and cover letters don’t work very good, it’s all about who you know. Talk to your friends and volunteer your services for a week or two. You will get the experience you need and also meet other Landmen. It really is a tough field to get into, but knowing other Landmen will put you ahead of other people.

    Also, it is best to just stop by different brokerage offices and ask to speak to someone in charge of hiring. Most offices are very laid back and if you show that you are a go getter, you will get a shot. It might not be for the amount of pay you want, but you have to start somewhere. We have seen several people start as secretaries and work their way up to Landmen based on getting to know the operation and how to do the job.

    Just stick with it and remember, mailing resumes and cover letters in most cases won’t work.

    Jim Kugler

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