How much money should I need for a Masters Bussiness Degree at Stanford University?

By | October 24, 2015

or at another very good university.

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5 thoughts on “How much money should I need for a Masters Bussiness Degree at Stanford University?

  1. Jeffrey F

    If you get a student loan or even grants depending on your financial condition, it is likely you should not need to pay for more than books or other supplies out of your pocket while attending school……

    Grants never need to be paid back but loans do.

    Talk to your admittance counselors.

  2. drunken goby

    tell your parents to take out a loan against their house, apply for all the student aid you can, sell off every comfort of life you’ve accumulated over the years, live off mac & cheese & canned fruit, cancel all utilities and buy a wood stove then volunteer every walking second to some BS charity. This might get you through the first year….
    Colleges are ridiculous in terms of tuition, totally out of control!

  3. Ranto

    US News publishes the tuition for the schools that they rank. Stanford’s tuition is $45,921 per year. Most of the top schools are in this range, though public universities are about half that rate for in-state residents.

    MBA students are eligible for financial aid. The high salaries commanded by graduates of top programs will make going to these schools worth the money.

    Living expenses are not included. Palo Alto is particularly expensive — so there will be an added cost at Stanford. They can vary — making schools like Duke or Dartmouth seem like a bargain compared to Harvard or Stanford.

  4. bab

    4 answers and all wrong. The current cost for an MBA at Stanford is about $180,000USD for the 2 year program.

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