How much do I charge to edit graduate level essays?

By | October 29, 2015

I would like to charge per page. I am an English major, with a Master’s Degree and a teaching credential in English.

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One thought on “How much do I charge to edit graduate level essays?

  1. Lisa L

    Hi! I am the Head Editor of Elite Editing & Tutoring, and we provide an online editing service.

    How much you charge really depends on the quality of editing you provide and how detailed you are. It also depends on if you plan to provide detailed advice to students on improving their work in the future, or if you just wish to do a simple edit.

    My advice is to charge according to the word count, not by page. There is too much difference in word counts on pages due to changes in margins and font etc.

    Check out our website (as well as others) to see what we charge. Our service provides for a comprehensive (full) edit, as well as individual advice for students.

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