How much credibility do employers see in online degrees?

By | November 30, 2015

In addition, sufficient reliability of the owners believe that, in addition to providing an employee who is doing a good job online master’s degree work is hard payraise funding? At least one employer of the person who has been recognized by schools or big schools will take into account the degree online? I am the Lord because I am an online business needs of your current, stable thinking. Any hiring managers or owners who would answer this post, your opinion?

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5 thoughts on “How much credibility do employers see in online degrees?

  1. insane draggin

    To me an online degree is just as good or better than a regular one. This tells me you wanted to keep up with progress and the times. The raise however would depend on your work record with the company.

  2. D D

    As far as I know on the actual degree there’s no mentioning of an online degree. So nobody would know. You could have been going to school at night. Good luck.

  3. buttercup

    It should be fine as long as it’s accredited. The only two I know of firsthand are San Jose state’s MLIS degree, and Antioch college’s online MFA program. Both are well-respected programs. I’m sure quality varies though, and don’t even think about unaccredited programs like U of Phoenix – employers are on to them!

  4. AJ

    Accredited is better, but if you took the time to go to school while working full time, an online degree seems like a smart, reasonable option. Nothing to be looked down upon!

    And, if you’ve been working hard, do a great job, and have advanced your education, it sounds like you should at least be considered for a raise and/or advancement.

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