How much could I expect to get paid with a bachlors degree in computer engineering in Kyoto, Japan?

By | November 7, 2015

I am studying for a BS in computer engineering and I really want to move to Japan, but I want to know how much they pay in yen (I can convert it later).
I have been looking online for hours and nowhere will give me a number approximate.
I just want a close approximate or a website I can view to see.

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5 thoughts on “How much could I expect to get paid with a bachlors degree in computer engineering in Kyoto, Japan?

  1. Joriental

    1. Firstly, you need to speak Japanese to get a job. Official language in Japan is only Japanese .

    2. Those degree doesn’t work much in Japan. You have to learn and obey each company’s working system.
    Even you write “Excellent skilled something~ ” in your resume, Japanese employer doesn’t believe it. Because Japan doesn’t believe in those “school boys” who has less experience in the Japan society. They want you to be a member of their family (company). You have to follow their rules.

    3. Japan is homogeneous nation, and NOT immigrant country. over 98% of population is Japanese.
    and tend to hate a wage gap among the all employee. Of course there are a gap. however, it is seldom that you earn double salary of your other non-degreeed colleagues.

    4. If you can get any job at any development department in the computer engineering field, your salary may be high. However, most documents and equipments are usually written in Japanese.

    As like this, the system and the working environment are totally different from US and other western country. Also you have to remember, you may not as well ask your salary until they decide to hire you. They don’t like people who start with money.
    Isn’t Japan strange country for westerns? haha…..

  2. eatmyworld

    Probably somewhere between net 170,000yen to 250,000yen depending on your experience and knowledge.
    But this is a guess. I know they pay alot more in Tokyo though.

  3. Carl_the_Truth

    You’d have to work for an American company, unless you know Japanese as well as you know English…

  4. televisionmademewhatiam

    Why don’t you try getting a job with the U.S. government first, then going out on your own?

    The U.S. government will pay for your travel over, housing, and give you a post differential.

    State Department, Department of Defense Schools, Departments of the Air Force, Army, and Navy, etc.

    Also, maybe some of the larger U.S. companies who have branch offices in Japan.

  5. tkquestion

    More realistic thing to do is to contact companies that has a local branch in Japan.

    You could try Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc. to name a few.

    It would be very difficult to go about the job-hunting business in the normal US way. In Japan, custom is to hire people fresh out of college, and only selective colleges.

    Unless you are fluent in Japanese language and culture, and already established there, it would be nearly impossible for you to make yourself marketable there in their turf.

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