How many SAHM here also go to college?

By | October 16, 2015

Lately I have been feeling so unfulfilled and I realized it’s because I basically don’t do anything! I stay at home and care for my daughter and I do it alone since my husband is deployed. I don’t have any issues with my family life. I love my daughter and husband more than anything and this isn’t the first deployment that I’ve dealt with. I just feel like there is so much more that I could be doing with my life right now. I’ll have to wait for him to come home next month and take me to the correct offices for the benefits I qualify for as a military spouse, why pay when you don’t have to? But I’ve made the decision to go to college!

My question is, how many mothers out there juggle being a mother and taking college courses? What stresses do you deal with and is it emotionally straining? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan on taking courses online so that way I’m still here with my daughter.

Thanks to all answerers!
And also just to add some more of my history, I worked a full time job when I was pregnant and I’ve been out of work for about 11 months.

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7 thoughts on “How many SAHM here also go to college?

  1. ? Ebony's Mum ?

    I do it by correspondance (so online would be the same but I go in every wednesday night for a few hours to ask q’s and such and get my weeks work then)
    I’ll be honest, I’m finding it very hard and think I will have 2 repeat this year, but I also don’t try as hard as I could.

  2. kk

    I was in my junior year of college when I found out I was pregnant with my son and was so sick and in the hospital, I had to take a break. Before that I was going to school full-time, working part-time, raising one daughter and two step daughters, and taking care of a house. It was alot to juggle.
    Most of the stresses I faced were trying to balance life and school. It just seemed that there wasn’t enough time for everything. I had to spend much time away from the kids to get homework done, which has alot. Thank god for my husband.
    I plan on going back soon to finish up, I just don’t know when.

  3. Mommy to a baby boy

    I take online classes and i do my home work when he is sleeping online schooling doesn’t have a set date you have to turn stuff in

  4. nothingconstant

    I have a bachelor’s in Economics….
    But have some science left over from quite awhile back. I just completed my last required class for nursing school. Crossing my fingers… hope to get in by January.

    I have a 3,5 month old.

  5. Suzy Homemaker goes to college

    I take college courses from home but in truth
    I’m thinking about dropping out after this semester
    I used to get straight A’s but now I’m a couple months behind in my homework
    ever since having my son I can’t focus
    I sit down and read a paragraph and after the last sentence, I forgot everything I just read.
    To top it off my son won’t let me study when I’m holding him- he hates the sound of turning paper so much that he screams so I can’t do anything around him that requires books (except those cardboard baby books, he seems ok with).

  6. OH Baby Baby! 9wks left!!

    I’ll be going to back to University in January when my baby is ~4 months. I’ll be doing online as well for the winter semester but some courses require in class and labs. I’m going for my Joint Baccalaureate nursing degree.

    I won’t be a complete SAHM as I’ll have to work a few hours in the evening and weekends, but during the day I’ll try and get as much work done as possible when baby is napping and then of course the evenings I don’t work I’ll dedicate to studying. Or my student loans, grants, bursaries and scholarships will cover the income I need to bring in monthly (Which is ~600$).

    I know it’s going to be stress full, but I’m taking it a semester at a time… or possibly a hour at a time lol.

    Just make sure that when studying you know what to look for, how to take notes from the text books and what your prof is like when asking questions (I know most profs at my Uni want you to book question periods in advance). Also, see what resources your school has available, like help writing classes, or note taking refreshers etc… My first Uni class I was so lost and overwhelmed when it came to writing my first paper, I didn’t know where to begin (worst weeks of my life lol)

    Also, another thing that might make things easier, is asking your parents or in laws to babysit 1 night a week so you can get some studying done, or call a babysitter.

    Best of luck and hopefully we both don’t pull our hair out lol :P .

  7. ;)

    I’m a SAHM, that works out of my house. I don’t make a ton of money, but it’s enough to keep me happy. This income lets me pay for the extras that my hubby’s military pay won’t cover. I take all of my courses through
    All of their classes are online and the fee you pay also covers the books. The college has a program specifically just for military spouses.
    The courses are much less expensive then other online schools, and they are regionally accredited. So the courses you take can transfer to another public college. I’m almost done with my associates degree, and the only college courses I’ve taken are online. I will be transfering to the local JC in the spring sememster, and continuing my education.

    good luck.

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