How fast can you get an associates degree online in criminal justice?

By | December 1, 2015

I live in Texas and I want to get my associates degree in criminal justice from an accredited online course. What are some accredited online colleges and how fast is it possible to complete an associates degree?


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4 thoughts on “How fast can you get an associates degree online in criminal justice?

  1. Pointing at you!

    Try Texas A&M not sure if they have it online yet.

  2. usmc87

    Do not do online, in person is much much much better. Questions can be answered with understand and you learn with dignity. Online you can just skip things, take tests with the aid of the internet and not hear the opinion of others. Also, most online colleges are all about quantity rather than quality, but it’s generally cheaper and more convenient. It’s all up to you though.

  3. researchbug83

    Usually an associate degree takes two years, though online programs can be a few months shorter, depending on your circumstances (for example, if you’ve taken some college courses already, or have passed a CLEP test to show you’ve gained college-level knowledge from work experience).

    Regional accreditation is important. Two regionally accredited colleges that have online criminal justice degree programs are American InterContinental University Online and Colorado Technical University Online. (An AIU online grad recently became the federal marshal for South Carolina). AIU also has a ground campus in Houston.

    If you find other colleges you’re interested in while you research criminal justice schools, you can check their regional accreditation status with the US Department of Education:

    Good luck!

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