How does Monstor (or any recruiting agency in India) help get a job in India?

By | November 7, 2015

Hi all,
How does Monstor help secure a job (in India) for a person who has over 5 yrs of work experience in USA (with a Bachelor’s degree in Engg) apart from the option of posting the resume online? Is there any other better way to go about posting my resume for a job (other than posting it online)? Does Monstor has any option of a personal recruitment agency type of mode where-in they can short list the companies (with the pay rate) for my skill-set?

Please advise any efficient mode of securing a job in India. I now plan to move from US to India (in a month or two) and want to settle there with my parents and family.

Also, please let me know, How is the hiring scenario in India now, especially for a Websphere MQ guy with over 5 yrs of experience (both administration as well as developement)?

I really appreciate all your answers and i will be very much indebtful for all who will pave this way for me.

Thank you all in advance.

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One thought on “How does Monstor (or any recruiting agency in India) help get a job in India?

  1. sonal t

    most of the employment agency in USA they have also have office in India I know Manpower has it so I’ll call up local employment agency and ask them if they have international services. If your USA citizen than you need work visa or work permit in india do your Research and than go about looking for job in india.

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