How does Entropy Affect Protein Folding?

By | August 15, 2015

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7 thoughts on “How does Entropy Affect Protein Folding?

  1. 0MoTheG

    the protein looses energy and entropy
    the water gets warmer.
    in a closed system entropy(disarray) will only go up on longer timescales and in bigger spaces.
    the system will go into the direction of higher likelyhood.
    It is more likely that the hydrophobic parts will be on the inside than on the outside, so at some point they will endup on the inside.
    the protein + water gained entropy.

  2. freaksandgeeks916

    i don’t get it. so what drives protein folding: negative entropy or positive entropy?

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  4. CoolPhotos

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  5. alaiaa

    Thanks chup, you shall be duly referenced in my extended essay for my unit on protein folding! :D

  6. CastleBomb44

    Interesting to see how this stuff works. Great vid

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