How do I find a student teaching internship in the state of Florida?

By | October 17, 2015

I am taking online classes and I have a few more classes to take until I am done with my Elementary Education degree. I will be done in Nov. of this year. I will need to student teach in Feb which will last at least 12 weeks. I am required to find my own internship so that I can student teach. I am not sure of how I go about finding my own internship. I have looked on the Florida Department of Education website for directions on the process but there are not any directions on this. I have passed all of my FTCE exams and have fingerprint clearance.

So now how do I find my own internship so I can student teach? Please help.
Thank you for your responses. Yes my school is approved by the state of Florida. I am taking classes with the University of Phoenix. I was told by my Teacher Education Specialist that the teacher I would be doing student teaching with will be my mentor and guide me through the teaching process and will document my student teaching with different forms and logs and then I send this to my school.

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3 thoughts on “How do I find a student teaching internship in the state of Florida?

  1. Donald B

    That is why online classes are sometimes a scam. If they do not set up your student teaching for you they are useless.

  2. eastacademic

    I hate to break the news to you – but is your school even approved by your state? Student teaching *must* be mentored – this is why the school must do the placement. How can they assure your state you have met the requirements?

    I would demand some answers from that school. Since this is such bad news – try this. contact the largest school district in your state, call their recruitment section and ask how they arrange student teaching. I guarantee you they have contracts with local schools. It takes resources to mentor a teacher, and you are asking a school to supply 12 weeks of that – I doubt its possible.

    Check your states website- it lists every single approved credentialing school.

    edit – You should start canvasing schools close to home now.

  3. Tess_i_am48

    Yes, Phoenix is approved by the State. However, it is very difficult for online Education students to find student teaching placements. Our school will not accept them because the amount of paperwork required is too much and there is no personal contact with a local university. Good luck in finding a placement. Also, Universities offer $ to student teacher mentors, and Phoenix doesn’t.

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