How do I decide on an online school?

By | August 22, 2015

I am a kindergarten teacher, I want to go to special education master’s degree in school. I drive at night, online schools are my life the least favorite. I Deng, Marygrove, a cappella, the Grand Canyon, take a look at some of the Western Governors University, to participate in these schools?

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5 thoughts on “How do I decide on an online school?

  1. Amber H

    dont use online school my cousin did and got ripped off on all 3 that she tried!! just go to a school and you will thank me! I PROMISE

  2. brinas_012

    i think my cousin went to Walden? i’m not sure

  3. kwest

    Make sure they’re accreditted universities. And make sure if schools will honor them.
    Personally, real school is better.

  4. Richard

    Any online school with a regional accreditation would be sufficient. While I have not gone to any of those schools, I have have heard very good things bout Grand Canyon and Western Governors University. I am currently attending Ashford University online to finish my bachelor’s degree and, to date, it is a great experience and very similar curriculum to the traditional “brick and mortar” schools. Just make sure that they offer the proper classes that you will need for Special Ed. Best of luck to you.

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