How do college credits work in the Marines?

By | October 5, 2015

I leave for boot camp soon, and after i get done with boot camp, mct, and mos schooling i wanna take some online college courses working on my degree. But i was wondering, how does going to college work towards your promotion points for LCPL to Corporal and Corporal to Sergeant? I do plan on staying in the Marines after my first enlistment.
I wanna try and get into the MECEP program, but what would be easier to get accepted into MECEP or NROTC? Also What is the usual time it takes to pick up these ranks as a 1371?
i’ve been reading and what I’ve read is now you have to be a sergeant to get into the MECEP.
Well I want to be an officer, but i also want to be a Marine. A guy I used to live with when i was younger told me, every Marine is either an enlisted Marine or a officer Marine, and i want to enlist first see which i think would fit me better.

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2 thoughts on “How do college credits work in the Marines?

  1. jeeper_peeper321

    1. You go to the base education office to start taking college class’s in your off duty time.

    2. Only education received since your last promotion count toward promotion points

    1 point for each credit of civilian education, 2 points for each credit of military education.

    3. The MECEP is the only way an active duty Marine can get into NROTC, otherwise you have to separate from the Marine, enroll in college and apply for NROTC.

    4. Your looking at 3 to 4 years to make corporal
    From 4 to 6 years to make Sgt

    5. 90% of those selected for MECEP are Sgt’s, 10% corporals.

    Almost all have at least one meritorious promotion

    IE: you have to be a outstanding marine, head and sholders above your peers.

  2. J D

    I’m not sure how many points you get but points are added for education. For Corporal and Sergeant each MOS gets a cutting score. Your score depends on your PFT, marksmanship, proficiency at your job, and conduct as a Marine. You get additional points for taking college courses and reading books on the Commandant’s reading list.

    Some colleges will give credit for your military experience.

    MECEP is hard to get into and is for enlisted Marines. NROTC is for civilian college students.

    A good Marine will make Corporal in 22 to 24 months and Sgt in another 12 months.

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