how close is west florida university to Pensacola naval air base?

By | October 24, 2015

I found a couple online classes which I need to take that I am goign to do while i’m in pensacola, however, they both have a couple of mandatory meeting times at the university. Midterm, final, and a couple other tests are all done on the university.

my question is how far is it from the naval base, will i be able to get there by public transit? is a taxi going to cost a fortune?

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2 thoughts on “how close is west florida university to Pensacola naval air base?

  1. Sgt Big Red

    Not too sure of the exact mileage, but I would say about 15 miles. Bus service is available and does go to and from NAS Pensacola. Plus cab service here is independents and doesn’t cost much. You might also post on BB in your barracks to find someone else taking courses.

    Any other ? email me, I live 3 miles from the back gate to NAS.

    Here is link to NAS to tell you what is available

  2. maggs

    The university of west florida is on the other side of the city a little father than 9 mile rd. i would say depending on traffic 35- 45 mins to get over there. i drive everyday to work from the back gate of NAS to my work over by Olive Rd ( which is closer than the university), and it takes me about 30 -45 mins to get there. If you google map it you see what i mean. A closer place is pensacola junior college on 98, if thats an option.

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