How can you afford to go to college when you don’t qualify for financial aide from FAFSA?

By | October 13, 2015

I am a current senior in high school and oldest of three children, so the first to go off to college. My parents did not do traditional college, so they don’t have the best advice for me either. My father went straight into the Navy for several years and then later got a well paying job after receiving an associates degree at the local community college when I was younger. My mother went to a Technical college but then dropped out before receiving any certificate or degree and shortly after had me. My mother did Western Governors University online when I was in middle school and received her bachelors degree for teaching and got a teaching job at a private school. My father has a job in a management branch and my parents combined salary is between $80,000-90,000 but we are not rich at all. My family has many things we pay for (camper, boat, rent, etc.) and we live in an expensive town, however money is not a problem within my family and I do have nice things but I am not spoiled, I have to work for the things that I want to pay for and I am required to pay for a lot of things that I want (my parents pay for my gas and necessities but other than that I pay for every thing else on my own). My parents never understood how expensive in state college was until this year and now are concerned that I will not be able to got to a four year university because my family does not qualify for hardly any assistance from the FAFSA financial aide that is available. My mom does not think that my family will be able to afford to co-sign on my student loans because she feels that because of our income, they will have to pay more than they can afford. I also am concerned about receiving scholarships because I am only a 3,0 student and I do not have any community service. I don’t know what to do but I really want to go to a university but I don’t know how to afford it. Any advice? Right now I am planning on taking out student loans, having my parents co-sign for two years (which is the required amount) and then dropping my parents from the loans so they don’t have to pay any money on my loans, but my parents don’t think that this will be a good idea because I might not be able to get loans that have affordable monthly payments..

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3 thoughts on “How can you afford to go to college when you don’t qualify for financial aide from FAFSA?

  1. Avelyn

    This may not be the most favorable option but, if you wait until you are 25 (check that on the FAFSA website) you can apply for financial aid without your parents information. I had to do this. Instead of going into college right away I worked a lot (I was on my own); sometimes 3 jobs at once just to make ends meet. BUT, waiting as I did did not hinder me in college. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and my life experience before college gave me the discipline to get my degree in 4 years as Magna Cum Laude.

  2. Alex

    Get a job. Or since your GPA isn’t great and you probably won’t get into a great college right out of high school anyway, start at community college. Whatever you do avoid private loans (anything not from the government) like the plague. If you can’t finish with just federal loans, you need to find another source of non-loan money or find a cheaper school. With most degrees/entry-level jobs, the federal loan limit is also around the most that can reasonably be paid off in 10 years.

  3. Achelios

    I agree with Alex

    start at a community college… stay at home & commute.. get a job while in school & save up the money from your job for your transfer to university

    see if your community college has honors society.. if so, shoot for better grades (you need as many As as you can get because there will be some classes that are not your strength & you will struggle to get a B & maybe even struggle to get a C)

    If there is an honors society at your cc & you can keep your cc grades high enough to get in… if you are invited (you will be if you have the grades) and you join.. then you will be eligible for more transfer scholarships that will help you when you are ready to transfer to university

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