how can i get an online degree to become a certified accountant?

By | August 17, 2015

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  1. college-blogger

    CPA requirements vary by state.

    For discussion purposes, I’ll use the State of Texas to give you an idea:

    1) 150 Semester Hours Required to Sit for the Exam? Yes
    2) Minimum Degree Required: Baccalaureate

    Additional Educational Requirements:
    A) minimum of 30 upper division semester hours in accounting above the principles level and
    B) 21 upper division hours of related business courses plus 3 hours ethics course
    C) Only accounting subjects tested on the CPA Exam are counted, e.g. International Accounting does not count as required accounting hours

    That should give you a pretty good idea. Not all states have the 150 hour requirement (which is 30 hours beyond a bachelor degree). To find the requirements for your state, visit:

    Online colleges offering Accounting Degrees

    I recently wrote a blog posting discussing online accounting degrees.

    If you want to check it out, it lists 17 Colleges offering Online Accounting Degrees:

    Best School

    As far as the “best” online school, it is going to depend on your program of study. You can earn an online degree from Penn State, Syracuse, Boston University, Cornell, and so on. Your choices are somewhat limited by your interest in Accounting and the stringent requirements for becoming a CPA (large number of accounting hours gives you little choice in majoring in anything BUT accounting).

    That said, of the 17 schools offering Online Accounting Degrees listed on my blog, the highest ranked by U.S. News is Northeastern University (Top National Universities, both public and private). They are ranked 96th in the United States… alongside schools such as Auburn University, UMass, and Illinois Tech. Here is a link to a review of that university:

    Financial aid

    Financial aid is typically available for online students. That is how I am paying for my education (Federal Student Loans). I also posted some information on my blog about financial aid and how online students are impacted:

    How long?

    How long it takes will depend on the program you choose. If you attend a university with accelerated 6 week terms, you will most likely complete your degree a little sooner. You can also save time by taking CLEP exams or DSST exams to test out of some of your basic Composition, History, etc. courses. I have a list of colleges with accelerated terms on my blog as well:

    Before you begin any program, I would double-check all the requirements in your state and be sure they have no limitation on the number of hours that can be earned via distance education/online learning.

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