how can I find a job in a healthcare setting?

By | September 7, 2015

I will be finishing my Health Information Management degree in a year and I’m trying to find a job in a medical office but I’m not having any luck. The reason that I want to find a job now is because all HIT positions require at least a year of experience. I tried to look for jobs online but I never get any answers when I apply for a job. If you work in a medical office, how did you find the job?

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3 thoughts on “how can I find a job in a healthcare setting?

  1. Charlie D

    You may have to take an unpaid internships or very low paying internship for a year. Find places that you are interested in working at, send your resume and cover lettering explaining that you are eager to get experience and are willing to be an unpaid intern.

    Good luck!

  2. John

    Whereabouts are you in the country? Are you near a big hospital? Because that may be your best chance. Also if you live near a large health insurance company like Aetna or United Health Care or BlueCross.

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