homeschooling question for michigan?

By | August 28, 2015

I have a few questions about homeschooling.
My parents are taking me out of public schools, to homeschool me. Neither one of them have a degree or anything so we would like to do it on an interent.

What is the first step in starting homeschooling?
How do my parents take me out of my school?
What are some good fairly cheap online homeschooling programs that include textbooks?
What is graduation going to be like for me?
I’m a freshman.
Any additional information would be greatly appreciated!
How much is the BJU program?
Does it include textbooks? Do you have to pay for each required subject?

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2 thoughts on “homeschooling question for michigan?

  1. skeptical

    Quarter horsey, point your parents to two websites for info: For info on the legal issues. This will connect you to homeschooling groups in Michigan.

    For an online homeschooling program, check out

    Don’t expect CHEAP for a good program, though. The BJU program is EXCELLENT. Great teachers. My kids love them.

    As for graduation, you have a lot of options. BJU (linked above) offers a homeschooling oversight program that includes a graduation ceremony. Some of the local homeschooling groups might offer the same. Or you can do it yourself with just family. It’s up to you!

  2. candeepal

    first step is to choose curriculum. Try, it may help to narrow down some choices. And I agree with the previous poster curriculum is not that cheap, but it’s cheaper than private school.
    All you parents have to do it notify the school and fill out some paperwork that the school will give them. MI is very liberal with homeschooling laws. Parents do not need to be teachers to teach their children. You can check out the HSLDA website for more info on that.

    As for graduation, you will have to find a homeschool group in your area. Start checking the yahoo groups for local groups in your area. Our group has graduation ceremonies whenever we have a graduation.

    For curriculum pricing go to the website. BJU stands for Bob Jones University. Just google it.

    Good luck! Also since you are in high school you may want to check on some online homeschooling programs, they cost a little more, but you won’t be missing anything. A Beka has one and I know there are nots more out there.

    The sooner you find a local support group the better for all of you. I live downriver and there are a few around here. Also there are co-ops you could join.

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