Hi, I did B.Com,working in a bpo and doing MBA through distance learning.?

By | December 11, 2015

I find difficult to prepare for my studies as am spending most of the time in office. Stress,disappointments and politics in office environment demotivates me. I cant leave my job becuase of my financial need to continue my studies. How to balance between work and studies?
Is it advisable for me to try for another job after finishing my MBA or continue in this job and grow further in the same line?

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One thought on “Hi, I did B.Com,working in a bpo and doing MBA through distance learning.?

  1. Coleen W

    Working while doing an MBA can be quite difficult. The answer to balancing work and studies is time management. I have no idea what your working hours are like but lets say you do a 9 to 5 job. From 9:00am to 5:00 pm must be used to do the job that you are paid to do at work.The remainding 15 hours is your to use wisely. Do not let office politics demotivate you. Set goals for yourself and let these goals be your motivators. Identify the stress factors and find ways to eliminate or ignore them. At the end of each work day try to find a library or a quiet room at home to focus on your studies. You might be tired after work and want to rest first. In this case go home, get a nice warm bath and get in bed. Remember to set the alarm so that you can get up in time to do some quality work. Work for 1 hour at a time taking breaks in between. Study for at least 3 hrs per day and make sure you get lots of rest. Make sure you have a balanced diet and try not to get bogged down by daily activities. It would be a good idea to try for another job once you have completed the MBA since you are clearly unhappy with your current job. All the best!

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