help w/ homework!?

By | September 29, 2015

Ok I am taking my 1st online college course and I am using Microsoft word 07 for this assignment…these are the instructions:
Using MS Word again, type some personal information about yourself such as the example below. You can use the create table tool in Word or just type in text in Bold or Italics and Center the text so that you can see the formatting when saving as HTML. Once you create the table or personal information text you will want to save it as HTML or Save as Web Page by using the File > Save as HTML in Word or File > Save as Web page in Word 2000. Next you will need to select the View menu and “HTML Source” selection which will open a new window with the HTML code visible. Highlight all of the code in this window (select all) and copy it. Now go to the Personal Information text box area in the Edit Student Home page and paste this HTML code into the text box.
Maybe i am missing it but when i went to save as..i was missing these options and im plz!!

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  1. ConstantlyThirsting4Grace

    The option for HTML file is at the bottom of the box that opens when you try to save it. It will say save as then have a box that says “Word File”, or something like that. Hit the arrow on the right hand side and scroll down until you see “HTML file”. Hope this helps.

  2. Tone Loco

    Go to save as > other formats. There is a drop down box under the file name in the save dialog. Choose the web page option. That will allow you to save your file as html.

    Then, you could open the html file with notepad or something to copy the code.

    Good Luck!!

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