help me fellow students!?

By | September 7, 2015

currently in college taking online courses full time, and for some reason all of the sudden i have lost the motivation to keep up with it.. have any advise as to how to get through the hard times in college??? organization tips or anything would be greatly appreciated

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5 thoughts on “help me fellow students!?

  1. Bonjour

    I’m not in college, only high school, but sometimes I loose motivation as well. Since I started gym, i have felt better. If you don’t exercise at all, I suggest trying it. Sometimes it helps if i even just stretch while I do homework!

  2. R. B.

    Quick, grab an agenda and make a schedule. Schedule time for your classes first of all. Make sure there are rest breaks where you can study if that is needed. Then schedule your other activities that you need to do for the week.

    As each block is completed for the day, mark it off. The more you complete, the better you’ll feel. Give yourself a “treat” each weekend when you have accomplished your goals for the week. movie, window shopping at the mall, new pair of shoes, or whatever………just stick with it no matter what happens……….

    You can do this!!!!!! ;-)

  3. Randy Fitzgerald

    I too went through a dry period! STAY IN SCHOOL! I quit and kept making excuses about not going back, and look at me now! I am still not in school, and am making $300 a month working at Pizza Hut! Trust me, get it over and done with, then you will have the rest of your life to mess around with. Now I have no idea how to pay for it, and would love to go back! Count your blessings, and take if from someone who knows…

  4. Banana

    Tell me about it! I went through some very difficult times last semester! I was taking Calculus and I was so frustrated! What I did was I thought of my ultimate goal, what I want to do when I graduate. Just keep that in mind at all times!

    Organization is a must! Last semester I wasn’t very good at it, and I suffered for it! When it came time to study for my finals I couldn’t find a lot of things, so I lost a lot of time looking for notes and re-printing things out! What I am doing now is keeping binders for each class, and making sure I keep them updated and clean. I am also using my planner a lot more! Post-its have become my best friend! XD

  5. Peanut

    This is perfectly normal. Everyone has a slack time. Just keep telling yourself that the end result will be worth all the hard work. Everyone has different study skills and what works for one person might not work for another. Give it a little time…I’m sure you’ll jump right back on track.

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