Help! I left my job of 11 years and have 3/4 of a degree and can’t find a job.?

By | October 21, 2015

I recently took a buyout package to seperate from my employer. The only problem is now I can’t find a job. I have been unempolyed for a month and a half and only had one interview. I can’t even get an entry level job in retail or fast food. At this point I just want a job. My education is focused on management and I even went as far to run a background check on myself (which came up clean). I have applied for at least 100 jobs, but it is all online and noone has apply in person anymore. What can I do to at least get interviews?

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5 thoughts on “Help! I left my job of 11 years and have 3/4 of a degree and can’t find a job.?

  1. David545

    Pick some places where you think you might to work.

    Do as much research on the company as possible, and see if you might find a fit there.

    Then, produce a resume that is directed at them and their needs. Be creative. For example, package the resume in a cardboard box. A stick-note on the cover letter could say “I think out of the box.”

    Send it to a department head where you might fit in, not the HR director.

    If you do this with 5-6 companies, you should get several interviews.

    Option 2: use your buyout to go back to college for that missing year. You’ll then show potential employers that you are ambitious (something that having “3/4 of a degree” does not show.)

    Good luck.

  2. parsonsel

    Perhaps you can get assistance and go back to school to finish your degree.

    You may also be forced to move to somewhere with better job opportunities.

    I know when some friends were thinking of a buyout package they made sure to check the job market and openings before they accepted.

  3. Michelle

    Try some placement services or temp to hire agencies. What about the old fashion newspaper. There are more ways to look for jobs than just online. The want ads are too full for you not to be able to find a job. It may not be your perfect job but there is one out there.

  4. kramerdnewf

    Did your employer not offer career placement assistance as a part of the buyout? Check with your HR office.

    Are you eligible for unemployment? I would think so, and if so you have the resources of the state unemployment office as well.

    Where did you attend school? Even without a degree you can use the placement office services.

  5. Sara S

    When I moved states, I applied to lietarlly almost 30 jobs in a one month period. All online. After I hadn’t heard ANYTHING in 2-3 weeks, I reapplied to the positions (among others) and ALSO SENT, EMAILED, and FAXED my resume. That way you know their bound to get it. If it gets lost somewhere, it’ll get there another way. I would reccommend doing that. Keep applying, too, it takes a while ecscpecially around the holiday’s, to get a job.

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