Help from PA teachers regarding process.?

By | September 22, 2015

Actually a couple of questions. I’m thinking about going back to school to pursue a Post-Baccalaureat degree (I have a BA in theatre) to become a teacher in PA. #1, I’m terrified of starting over at this point in my life (house/mortgage/2 kids/full time job & a husband who is going back to school too!) but I really need a change, and want to do something w/ some meaning. I’m having trouble figuring out the logistics though. How do I get my teaching certs while working? Will I have to quit my job to do my student teaching? My family depends on my salary, do I get paid while I’m completing the internship? (I’m not sure how we’d do 12 weeks w/o my salary, especially considering there’s no guarantee of a job after that.) How competitive is the PA teaching market? Any advice or answer would be appreciated. Thank you!
(I am looking into some online degrees tailored to those who already have 1 degree… And, I am making sure they are universities that can provide/help with PA certs.)

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2 thoughts on “Help from PA teachers regarding process.?

  1. Bev

    With your BA all you need is your teaching certification and that only take one year, check with your local four year college or university, and on-line college.Your students teaching will have to be done during the day while school is operating and that’s usual the beginning of the school year, but in the evening or at night you could work if it will fit your family schedule. For on-line try,, in PA which is a very good college. PS try an on-line college because it’s very FLEXIBLE and you won’t have to travel to a college in sit in the classroom for four hours, I am an on-line student with Grand Canyon University. hope this helps

  2. Prospero Reincarnate

    My sister went back to college in her 40s to become a teacher. It was a good option for her. Teaching is a great field.

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