hello. i have a question about online schooling.?

By | September 23, 2015

does anybody know if online schools are real and if i can get a good real job with a degree from an online school? also, is it faster to get the degree online and is it cheaper? I’m looking at getting a degree in game programming. can you give a good online school that offers this degree? thank you.

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4 thoughts on “hello. i have a question about online schooling.?

  1. =D

    yes, there is online school, you’ll get credit like kids in regular school. But about the degree online, it depend on how people look at that school.

  2. Belle

    Hard to answer this question without knowing whether you are in high school, or an adult. There’s all kinds of online schools. Have you considered Community College?

  3. huh? (sassy & tangy)

    You may want to look at correspondence courses that are offered by universities and community colleges. I would think they would be more credible than a school that is strictly online.

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