Have you ever studied a degree online via distance education?

By | December 3, 2015

if so how was it, compared to being in a class room?

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3 thoughts on “Have you ever studied a degree online via distance education?

  1. 01Mustang

    Right now, I’m going to a technical college with a online degree program. I’m getting my Associates Degree in Business Management. Comparing online classes to the traditional classroom setting is all up to the individual. If you’re and outgoing teen/adult who likes being around people then going to class would be your preference. If you’re more on the shy side and don’t care to experience the true feeling of college then online would be your preference. For me I would prefer online classes. The classes are not and I repeat not easier, in fact they are much more harder than going to class. Online classes are harder because they is no one there to teach you the material. You pretty much and have to teach yourself, but don’t worry the professors are there to answer any questions you may have. From what I’ve read, online degrees don’t get much respect being that most people believe that they’re not accredited. Don’t worry about that, online degrees (depending on what college you go to) are in fact accredited. Word of advice, stay away from the University of Phoenix, they have do not have a good reputation. Online classes are very flexible if you have a job or a stay at home parent, but the workload can be heavy at times. I’m into my second semester of college taking all of my classes online and everything seems to be going great. My grades are great and I really do enjoy taking them online. You never have to worry about missing a class, being late, or making sure to make time for that class itself. So, if you’re considering getting your degree online I say go for it. Just make sure you are a good self motivator, motivation is the key for online classes.

  2. Stone

    Brick and mortar schools can never be eliminated but more and more students are turning to online courses for a variety of reasons:
    1) With online courses, you can learn according to your own schedule and even continue a full-time job in the meantime.
    2) Aside from the time management aspects, with some online courses you have more control of the learning process, i.e., you can learn at your own pace.
    3) Online courses are usually less expensive than traditional courses, particularly if you’re not financially or otherwise ready to pursue a full degree program. You will save money on travel, books, and possibly even food.
    4) Moreover you need not to make any commitment with your ongoing life style and other responsibilities.

    As far as accreditation is concerned I would say that all universities are not accredited and earning degree via these universities is of no use as it would not benefit your career at all. Choose accredited colleges and universities with http://www.thedegreeexperts.com/online-college.aspx while planning for further education without any commitment with current routine and pursue degree in a flexible environment.

  3. Jack

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