Has anyone taken an online university course?

By | August 30, 2015

I looked into online studies to pursue a career as an elementary teacher, since I worked, I searched for online courses? Any good or bad experiences you might want to share?

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One thought on “Has anyone taken an online university course?

  1. scrappysmom

    I went to a school and 3 courses from graduation I found out it was NOT accredited by the right people and I could not go to work with it.. U need to be sure it’s accredited by Dept of Higher Education ..It has good points and bad… U have to be really motivated.. there won’t be any way to directly talk to ur prof..u have to use e-mail and HOPE they get back to u. I wasn’t aware u could get elem. ed online.. U have to do ur student teaching and actual obversations in school and how would u do that online. It’s probably O.K. iF u find an accredited school to take gen ed like math, etc. but I would be sure that those classes will be accepted at a local univ or it’s useless. personally, I would do this. enroll in a regular univ and take classes at night.

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