Has anyone studied online (from an online only college)?

By | October 30, 2015

I know some people take online courses with the college/university they are enrolled in, but has anyone exclusively gone for an online degree? If so, how reliable are they and was it worth the $$? They are a lot pricier than I thought and I wonder if it is just as credible when you are trying to get a job after you have a diploma from an “online institute”…

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3 thoughts on “Has anyone studied online (from an online only college)?

  1. A G

    As of now im studying from an online University it’s called Kaplan University personally I really love it its really easylots of reading but everything is self explanitory i really like it alot

  2. Professor X

    Here’s the hard truth about “online only” education.

    Degrees earned from these institutions will get you nowhere. I have some good friends who hire for Fortune 500 companies, and they throw in the trash the resumes they receive from applicants with degrees from online colleges.

    The problem with “online only” schools is that they are for-profit businesses, not institutions of higher education. Their representatives (recruiters) routinely lie to students about the amount and timeliness of promised financial aid, and thereby hook the students into beginning classes before financial aid arrives. By the time it does arrive, the students are so far into the term that they are not allowed to get their money refunded.

    They employ unqualified instructors without terminal degrees and with no classroom experience, and then pressure these instructors to pass students along with As and Bs so they keep the students attending, and keep the money coming.

    Just do a search on “online degree” within Yahoo!Answers, and read some of the responses to these questions. You’ll find the same information I’ve just provided.

  3. Lara Croft ? to Party

    I don’t go to an “online only” school, but I did take a couple of classes online in the last year. In addition to the fabulous answer given by Professor X, I wanted to point out one other thing: You have to WANT it.

    Be honest with yourself, and think about how much you’re really going to to WANT to study, because it is SO easy to be lazy with online classes. I took two online classes last quarter, and even though I got A’s in both – I learned NOTHING.

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