Guidance over online education?

By | September 24, 2015

I have done BS in electrical engineering and looking for masters in same so as to have better job options. Being working can’t leverage time for regular classes, so planning to opt for online education. But the issue is-I have seen in many cases that degree earned online is not very much respected amongst employers. They generally prefer the candidate with regular degree.

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4 thoughts on “Guidance over online education?

  1. Roath

    Hi there! It is a good decision as you want to continue your study with your job which is necessry to grow in this competetive world that required higher qualification time to time. As you mention that you have a short of time so here you must go for online master degree program in Electrical Engg..
    Here i would like to say you that Knowledge is most important rather than a regular degree without knowledge, so you should more emphasize on polishing your technical skills as you are in technical field and there is also the acceptability of online degree in some organisations provided that your degree should be from accredited college or universitiy.

  2. Shannon S

    It’s generally quite true, about what you say. However, I think that as long as you get a degree which is accredited and comes from a reputable university, it’s a good enough signal to any employer that you want to 1) improve your education in engineering, and 2) that you put in time and effort, which signals your motivation. There is a source below you might want to use to compare between various online degree options. Of course it would be the best if you could afford time to do a regular masters but maybe the costs don’t justify the benefits. Good luck and all the best!

  3. Harmon Cooper

    That is a perfect decision for you to opt for online education besides your job. By this way you can earn as well as as increase your qualification. Not all colleges are respected but yes some that are accredited are recognized as well as respected. They have earned good name in the field of online education. To see the legit colleges that offer masters in electrical engineering online go to . Select the one that suits all of your aspects.
    Was nice helping.

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