Getting licensed as a psychologist?

By | November 11, 2015

Can I get my BA & MA with an accredited online psychology school and then transfer to a local college to go for a PhD?
Will I be able to get a license to practice. I know that no state would license me with complete online schooling.
My problem is I must work and I’m not about to give up $10-$20 an hour house cleaning jobs for an $8 an hour waitressing job to go to school. I couldn’t support my kids or myself.
The only other degree I would be interested in would be CPA. Can you become a licensed CPA with online courses?

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3 thoughts on “Getting licensed as a psychologist?

  1. michele

    You would find it very, very difficult to gain acceptance into a doctoral program having completed your undergrad and/or master’s degree in an online program. Doctoral programs are extremely competitive. If, however, you were accepted into a doctoral program, yes, you would be license eligible after completing your Ph.D., passing the EPPP, a year of APA-approved internship, and 1-3 years of supervised experience (amount of post doc supervised experience required for licensure varies by state).

    Best of luck to you,
    ~Dr. B.~

  2. Van Man

    I think most doctoral programs limit the number of graduate credits they’ll take from another institution. I am currently in a Psy.D. program that accepts students with masters, though at times these students end up repeating coursework because they completed their masters elsewhere. I’m not positive how it works with online courses, but you might call the specific program you’re looking at doing your doctoral work with.

    Also, some programs offer nighttime or part-time schedules that might allow you to continue working. Typically this would not be a Ph.D. program (which tend to be a bit more traditional) but some professional programs (usually Psy.D.) have a bit more flexibility. Also, they may be more willing to accept online credits, though like I said, it would depend on the specific program.

    As far as licensure, make sure you attend an APA accredited program. I think it’s still possible to be licensed in some states with a degree from a non-accredited school, but it makes life a lot easier if the program is accredited.

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