getting a BACHELOR’S DEGREE ONLINE??????????????

By | September 25, 2015

how quickly, easily, and inexpensively can i get a bachelor’s degree doing all the work from home/on the computer?

is this popular at all?

does it matter what my high school transcript looks like?

any info you can provide or websites that have information on this would be very helpful. thank you.
I am in the United States.

also, how well would this degree be recognized if i were applying for a job that required it as opposed to a degree that was obtained “conventionally” and not online?

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One thought on “getting a BACHELOR’S DEGREE ONLINE??????????????

  1. J D

    I’m doing a BA via open university Its good but you have to be very motivated.
    I dont know what country your in so I’m not sure if this website will be any use to you as its an Australian website. I dont know if they have courses for people overseas or not.

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