Ferility and Sahm, help I need advice!!! Being at home and trying to get pregnant!?

By | October 5, 2015

I don’t know how to put this and make it short; well let’s just say this! I soon to be husband in two weeks owns his owns his owned to wevsite which are myspace sites and another is a forum site. He is about to turn 21 in june and I’ll be 20 in Sept. He already graduate out of college last year because he went to college early and I’m still going at GSU online for my psychology degree. Long story short, we own 3 animals which are a 9 month old girl lab/chow dog and 2 tuxedos cats which are a year and a half old. We are abotu to buy our 6 bed/room house; don’t ask why alot of reason. But anyways I go to school online and I stay home all day; right! My hubby and I stay home all day 24/7 a day. We don’t go no where and is around each other 24hrs a day. He works at home of course. We need help concieveing! excuse my spelling.With us moving in a house in two months and getting married in two weeks ; we been tryinig for four years now. What is your solution? Plz don’t give me crap about!
We are not peoples person’s okay, and I don’t like to be around other people because it get’s on my nerves. Him and I are very shy and don’t like to be around people. I work with him so of course I’m not going to work for someone and take orders from some other person other than myself. My mom and dad never did it are my grandparents. mY CYCLE IS VERY IRRELGUAR AND i GOT MY CYCLE IN DEC 15 OR 07 AND IT IS STILL DOWN. iT IS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME. Do you guys think i might have fibroids? My hubby thinks so because, i been having this going on for about two years now. When my cylce comes down it last about 3 to four months. I went to the doctor and they wanted to give me a historectomy, because they said I was bleedingm out my cycle, I told them no so they gave me some pills to take to stop my cycle and start it regularly but when it stop and came back down I bleed for 6 months straight. What is thw problem? What could be going wrong?
Me and him been trying to have a baby but how can we when my cycle is down for months? This is a everytime thing? I can’t even tell anymore when i’m ovulating. I’m scare I may not be able to have kids. Anyone had they same problems?

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2 thoughts on “Ferility and Sahm, help I need advice!!! Being at home and trying to get pregnant!?

  1. elaeblue

    Ok well if you havent been using any birth control and have not conceived in four years then you probably should buy a fertility monitor and see what is going on. Or consult with a doctor about fertility problems.

    Now of course I am not a doctor but most women conceive much faster than that so I think you should check it out. Sometimes its a simple fix sometimes not but its always better to know than to wonder why.

  2. starfire978

    It’s kind of odd that you guys can afford such a house and not work outside the home but you haven’t even spoken to a fertility expert yet. You need to go to your OB/GYN and get a complete workup done. Find out exactly what is going on with your reproductive system. From there get a consult to a fertility expert. There are plenty of things they can do to help you concieve. It won’t be pleasant but can be done for most women.

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