What are refund checks?

It is a remaining amount by subtracting actual cost of university program from the total amount paid to university from different sources like student loan, scholarship, cash payment, any other financial aid.

How To Calculate Amount Of Refund Check?

Lets say your total tuition fees for undergraduate program is $20000. You have already paid $18000 and got a scholarship of $5000 in last semester, than refund check will be calculated as follow

Total Amount Paid $23000 ($18000 + $5000)
Less: Total Cost $20000
Refund Check $3000

What Universities or School Offer Refund Checks?

Almost every university like kaplan, ashford, strayer, uc denver online etc offer refund checks to their students until and unless specified in their terms and services that refund will not be provided to students.

When Do College Refund Checks Come Out?

Refund checks normally distributed after the completion of program. Most of the time it will appear like magic either in your bank account or delivered to your residence via post.

What does a 2:1 UK degree mean?

When you get 2:1 UK degree it means you have got second class honours degree with upper division. It is also represented by 2ii or II-1. You can get it when you have weighted average of typically 60% to 69%.

What online colleges offer free laptops?

Bethel University (Google Chromebook)
Seton Hill University
St. John’s University (choice of 3 laptops)
Stevens-Henager College
Centenary College
ICDC College
Rochester College
Widener University (Engineering Students)
Southern Nazarene University
Chatham University
Northwest Missouri State University (With Return Policy)
Wake Forest University (with Return Policy)

What online colleges offer free tablets?

Illinois Institute of Technology
Long Island University (iPad Mini)
Seton Hill University
Regis College
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

What online colleges offer aid in buying laptop?

Azusa Pacific
Drexel University
Full Sail University
Liberty University Online
Purdue University
Southern New Hampshire University
Villanova University
West Liberty University

What are best laptops for college students?

For all subjects and majors – Lenovo ThinkPad 13 starting from $509.25
For Science students – Dell XPS 13 starting from $799
For Computer Science Student – Lenovo ThinkPad T460 Starting from $809.10
For Business Students – Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Starting from $1142.10
For Film and Animation Students – Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch with Retina Display starting from $1999
For Medical Students – Microsoft SurfaceBook Starting from 1289
For Engineering and Architect Students – Dell Precision 5510 Workstation Starting from $1399
For Art and Design Students – Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch with Retina Display (2015) Starting from $1399
For Law Students – Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Starting from $878
For Gaming Students – Alienware 13 with OLED Display Starting from $899.99

What are things to consider before buying new laptop?

Size – Do consider screen size larger than 11 inch or else choose a tablet instead.
Weight – Make sure it is maximum 1.5 kg otherwise carrying will be difficult.
Screen Quality – Do not go fol too glossy screen other wise it will start hurting your eyes after sometime and make sure resolution match the HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) otherwise you will not be able to run HD videos.
Keyboard – Make sure numeric keypad is involved otherwise it will become nightmare for accounting or finance student.
CPU – Go for minimum core i3
RAM – At least 4GB for speedy operations.
Storage – No less than 500GB
Battery Life – Should be long enough to satisfy your need.
USB 3.0
Quality – Do not compromise quality over price otherwise it will effect your move ability due to fear of breaking laptop.

What are common mistakes in buying laptops?

Buying the cheapest available model
Paying too much
Forgetting the purpose of laptop
Ignoring ports and compatibility
Becoming obsessed with one specification
Not trying before buying

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