Fake Degree..teaching in China?

By | October 31, 2015

Hi everyone
I am an English teacher in China and have my degree.
However, I know many teachers here that don’t have a ‘real’ degree and instead bought fake ones online.
What are the risks of them getting caught?
Does this happen often?
What are the penalties?

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8 thoughts on “Fake Degree..teaching in China?

  1. Grape

    you sound like you are trying to fake a degree and use it to find a job

    i would suggest not to do so…

    i really do not think what u said happens a lot. there are many Normal universities and the government have tuition waiver/deductions for people who decided to go to these universities and becoming teacher in the future… so there are a lot of people who are graduated being able to become a teacher and there’s no reason they will escape the background check

    moreover, if you are American and you speak english fluently, most likely you will not be required to have a degree as long as you are just teaching english, chinese parents love to hire foreign english tutors for their kids, more likely just to improve speaking skills than those grammer thing, they’ve learnt enough grammar at school…

  2. Joseph

    Fack Degree was pretty common in China in the past few years. Since the government and companies are paying more attention to it, fake degree is becoming rarer now.

    The employee would be fired if he were caught using fake degree in the compay. There is actually no law to punish those who use fake degrees.

    But for those who make or sell fake degrees, they would be severely punished by Chinese law.

  3. BSherman

    The hiring process in China is very similar to that found in other countries. Credentials and references are always checked before a job offer is made. An applicant’s education and work experience are always verified as part of the vetting process.

    Persons who present false credentials will be quickly identified and put on a national registry (black list) shared by China’s schools. A report will also be made to the Chinese government, so that any future visa application by such an individual will be denied.

  4. LaoWaiChengde

    It is not entirely necessary to have a degree for all teaching positions in China but the better jobs will require it.

    The police and PSB do thorough checks on your background including making random phone calls to previous employers and validating your claims. You need to provide copies of certificates, names, addresses and phone numbers etc.

    Crime is dealt with seriously in China and this would be seen as fraud… as it would in any country in the world. Faking a degree is also a despicable thing to do that only desperate low-life’s would consider. I hope any foreigner thinking of doing this is only ‘thinking’ about it and will not go on to give us genuine and honest foreigners a bad name.

    The risks are very high of course… do you think the authorities don’t have real degree’s that they are not smart enough to figure it out. The answer is NO. Dont do it!

  5. crzyfrank

    I was also an English teacher in China and have a degree. You don’t really need a degree to get a teaching job in China. What it will do is get you more money. The chances are slim that you will get caught but if you did the only thing that would happen is the school might ask for some money back or ask you to leave.

  6. BragenSpagen

    China are so desperate for English teachers that most of us don’t have real degrees! They are more interested in how blonde, young and good looking you are than any of that malarkey! I bought my degree on the Koh San Road for pity’s sake! Cheers!

  7. Amy

    Not a fake degree! In China! There are no fake things in China! Now I must think about all the things I have bought. What was fake and what was the real thing.

  8. Elena S

    fake degree is a kid’s toy
    – i know a couple of people with fake “Canadian” and “Australian” passports…
    just for the sake of “native speaker” position…

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