Factorizing Polynomials – Rational Zero Theorem?

By | October 3, 2015

So I’m in Algebra 2 and were workingon the Rational 0 Theorem. I think i get it but the problem is: f(x) = 2x^3-7x^2-8x+28. I already found all the 0s which are positive and negative 2 and 7 over 2 but i used trial and error for the first two and an online solver for the last one, if someone could help teach me how figure it out the right way, that would be great. Thanks :) p.s. i kinda forgot how to factorize with degrees higher than 2! HELLP
well i feel reatarted haha. okay yeah synthetic division is totally what i was forgetting! thank u soo much!

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2 thoughts on “Factorizing Polynomials – Rational Zero Theorem?

  1. jb9898

    use your calulator and enter that into the graphing thing and look where the line crosses the x axis… and your could use the quadratic formula to do any exponents higher than 2

  2. fallen star

    How we learned it in school is by first finding one zero (through guess and check) and using that to divide through long or syntehtic division. So you found positive and negative 2 as one of the 0s. You use x-2 to divide into the the polynomial to find the other zeros and continue from there.

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