Education today boundaryless

By | November 16, 2015

Online education and test preparation are cruising in the fast lane today, thanks to the Internet which has squeezed the whole globe, says Mr. Kamal Wadhera, the CEO of Top Careers & You (TCY) of India.

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3 thoughts on “Education today boundaryless

  1. rajatwal55

    Superb! What a wealth of information one can get from such a video…something different from the mundane entertainment stuff we get on the Net. Students like me can be benefited a lot. I didn’t know the means of imparting education in India has come this far, technology-wise.I have lived most of my life in the West. Kudos to this education company in India…

  2. mkchatta doubt

    There are lots of social networking sites. didn’t hear about an eudcational one though.
    There was also a mention about online tutoring as well. Can you guys show us a video?


  3. simplechopra

    hey nice one.. but camera man look little duffer… but its alright..

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