Dreamweaver CS3 Spry

By | November 1, 2015

This is a video created for a class project at SF State in the Instructional Technologies department, for the Distance Learning course.

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6 thoughts on “Dreamweaver CS3 Spry

  1. cctman

    Nice tutorial… but could you back away from the mic next time…

  2. oldpiq

    Better now, but months past. I guess I learned the updates and now I wait for some new inventions that will blow everything away. But they just keep ya learnin’. Can’t wait to spent another thousands on CS4! :)

  3. Tinils

    It technically behaves better now (Ajex better atleast)…but yes, spry is still pretty new and it may not be quite there yet, atleast for most people. Im using it and havent had too much trouble ;)

  4. oldpiq

    The older Dreamweaver had a cool function of creating a cascade menu from the behaviors. The editing was easy. Now it isn’t easy at all and the CSS java scripting doesn’t work when I’m trying to manipulate the colors and fonts. After uploading it to the remote server the menu doesn’t even show up. I thought that the updates are supposed to make our lives easier, but now I spent too much time on catching up with new “exciting features” that don’t work. :P

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