Does anyone know of any good online colleges?

By | October 22, 2015

I am 19 and working two jobs at the moment. I dont really have parents to take care of me or help me out with anything so i need my two jobs and I also want to go to school. Since i work so much to support myself i really dont have a chance to go to an actual university or community college so I want to sign up for an online college or get online classes. Does anyone know of a cheap online college in California thats affordable? (I want to major in psychology)

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5 thoughts on “Does anyone know of any good online colleges?

  1. telefantastical

    There really isn’t any such thing as a “good” fully online college.

  2. Elly

    I good option would be to figure out what you want to go into first. A lot of colleges and universities now offer online classes and degrees so you have the option of getting a degree from anywhere. For example, if you life in California, there’s no reason why you can’t get your degree from a university in Michigan or Pennsylvania. Do a little research on a school that interests you and see if they offer Online or Distance Learning. It’s a great option for anyone who works full-time and wants to get a great education and degree!

  3. Kaned Feck

    Most online schools are very expensive — look into distance learning at your local community college/university instead.

    Good Luck!

  4. CoachT

    Some points for you to weigh.

    1) If you have two jobs and not enough time to go to a traditional college, you don’t have enough time to do it online either. Doing your classes online often actually takes more time although you do gain the advantage of the “when” that classroom folks don’t have. You’ll have exactly the same reading to do and assignments as the classroom bound people.

    2) You’re in California, home of some of the best prices on education in the country. Your options are nearly endless. The cheapest (with a decent reputation) will be “any community college in your state” for online courses. is a pretty good research tool.

    3) You say you want to major in psychology. Have you examined that career path enough to be aware that you’ll need at least a master’s and probably a PhD for that field? If you’re planning to stop at an associates or bachelor’s then it may not be the best plan for you.

    4) Since you’re not already working on a degree, you can take courses at any number of colleges to collect the usual general education before you make a decision about a college for a degree. Paying your own way, the best option is to take each course from the cheapest place you can find it that will still transfer.

    5) some people are going to tell you that online instruction isn’t legit. They think you can only get an education by sitting in a classroom. These colleges don’t agree with them:
    UC – Berkeley –
    UCLA –
    USC –
    Stanford University –

    hmmmmm – the best universities in that state (and some of the best in the world) are teaching online and some ignorant people will still say they know better and “online isn’t any good”; I’m going with the smart people on this one.

    I’d suggest you take one online course from one of these. Then decide if you have the time and motivation to try an online full degree program while working two jobs and having a life.

    And whenever someone tells you “online programs all suck” just roll your eyes, suck your teeth, and mention that Harvard, Berkeley, Columbia, Oxford, Berklee Music, (the best in the world) and just about everyone else teach online this days – it’s not 1981 anymore.

    good luck.

  5. Robert H

    Defiantly I would like to help you because I am very impressedwith your hard work.

    I suggest you to CalUniversity, which offers you distance learning programs in Masters and Doctorate. Choose the program which you want to pursue and get that desirable degree of your choice. It offers you personalized service and a quality education that focuses on your individual needs as a student.

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