Does anyone know of an online college that offers a bachelor’s degree in Classic Studies?

By | November 3, 2015

In ancient Greek and Roman civilization, and I watched a degree, but I have time to do 48-hour week to be resolved. Online courses seem to answer, but I have a university or college to provide online programs may seem not to know.

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2 thoughts on “Does anyone know of an online college that offers a bachelor’s degree in Classic Studies?

  1. Ashley

    I just flipped through a directory of majors and couldn’t find a single on-line program offering a Bachelor’s in Classics, so I think you’re out of luck.

    However, don’t forget that there are huge numbers of on-line programs that offer Bachelor’s in General Studies or Liberal Arts, which basically allow you to create your own program. That would allow you to put together a Classics program, or at least something very close to one, without having to do one in-person at a college. Many of these programs are offered by very reputable state universities, where you are much more likely to find serious Classics scholars than, say, the University of Phoenix. If nothing else, you should certainly be able to find history, literature, and philosophy courses that could help you out.

    Two of the absolute best on-line programs are public colleges: Charter Oak State College and University of Maryland – University College. The fact that they’re public and affiliated with excellent state university systems tends to make them much more accountable to students, not to mention affordable. (Also, at least with Charter Oak, studying Latin on-line is an option through their affiliation with Norwalk Community College, which offers one of the few on-line Latin programs in the country.) For private ones, Excelsior College is also outstanding. Those three are consistently at or near the top of the rankings for on-line liberal arts degrees. I’m linking to their websites below to give you some direction. You can also try this government website to search for public distance learning programs:

    I hope you find a good fit — good luck!

  2. deedee1972

    You should really look for an accredited school first and foremost. You might try Texas Tech University. I did their program on campus but I know they also offer a Bachelor of General Studies online. The info. is at

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