does anyone know about online classes?

By | December 4, 2015

i was looking to get a degree online but i cant seem to find one. all they say is we will send you information but i never hear anything. i want to get started right away. aww this is so confusing

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10 thoughts on “does anyone know about online classes?

  1. Jordan23

    my stepfather went on an online class and graduated it was hmm i forgot

  2. hamon rye

    many ivy league universities offer free online classes. and libraries are free in the US. don’t waste your money …

  3. Hannah

    dont do the online thing. sooo much better to go and be in a classroom and learn with your peers.

  4. J

    Phoenix has an online degree program. they also except just about any one that applies

  5. that asian girl

    well, i only take one class online, but its alot harder than actually going to school cuz you have to be able to learn without anyone really explaining to you.

  6. Ashleigh

    I know a great anthropology teacher and she does online. If u want a degree in if u do just email me and I’ll give you the information.

  7. mildepiphany

    Make sure the school is accredited by the US department of Education – even if you are not in the US..

    University of Pheonix one they get your phone number won’t leave you alone! Seriously. However they charge $500 per a credit hour. Other places are much cheaper such as APU american public university – you can get information online.

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